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Records Management Audit Services



Records Management governs the control, maintenance, access, protection, preservation and disposition of records regardless of the media in which they are contained. It encompasses the policies, systems, procedures, operations, space, equipment and personnel required to administer the records. Good records management is important to ensure that information is readily available when needed. It also ensures that records of archival or historical value are preserved and records which are not longer of use are destroyed. Good records management also lies at the heart of the efficient management of both paper and digital assets and the identification of permanently valuable records.

Scope, Objectives and Methodology

The scope of our audit will include the management framework, the adequacy of the work processes and practices, and their compliance with departmental and governmental policies. It will also cover the human resources dimension of the Records Management Program, particularly in Records Offices, including staffing, classification, organization and other issues. A review of the financial resources, space, systems, procedures, and informatics will also be part of the audit. The main objectives of the audit program is to verify whether the records management functions are carried out economically, efficiently and effectively in compliance with applicable policies and legislation, and whether the operations of records offices at company headquarters are economic, efficient and effective. The audit methodology includes interviews and audit tests and procedures to assess the operations of records management within our clients' facilities. Audit criteria and preliminary audit results will be discussed with responsible managers.

Outline Of Records and Information Audit Proposal Specifications

  • Evaluate and assess company Records and Information Management Policies, Processes, Procedures and Operations to determine the best operating model.

  • Evaluate and assess Records and Information Management to determine the best funding model.

  • Conduct on-site interviews with your company's staff and other Records Management Officials and administrative departments to evaluate and assess current Records and Information Management organizational model.

  • Provide recommendations for areas of improvement in Records Management Operations.

  • Provide recommendations for a structure that will be responsive to existing as well as future needs of the Company's Records and Information Management Processes.

  • Create an awareness among employees at all levels of Records responsibility and good practices as it pertains to regulatory requirements.

  • Provide guidance and road map that guarantees 100% compliance with current business regulatory requirements.

  • Provide guidelines on managing electronic records Vs Paper, Microfilm, Microfiche or other records within your company. Provide Policy Guidelines on managing records life-cycles.

  • Provide recommendations for an operating model that best supports the end-users.

  • Provide recommendations for a model for budgeting and funding Records and information Management activities, services, inclusive of infrastructure, hardware, software, and training.

  • Submit draft of Records and Information assessment report for review.

  • Submit final Audit of Records and Information assessment report for approval.

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