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Business Process Outsourcing Services


Better Resources Utilization

Eclipse Document Imaging (EDI) offers a range of document outsourcing solutions and services to companies of all sizes and to state and federal government agencies in need of a document Management Solution and services without the willingness to tap into their already-overextended in-house resources who may or may not have the expertise in Electronic Document Management and Records Archiving techniques and processes.Outsourcing of functions that are not central to your core business allows employees and other physical resources to be redirected and utilized effectively toward core business needs rather than intangible non-bottom-line -oriented activities. This is particularly true with document imaging services,where specific technical and operational procedures usually differ from other other bottom-line-oriented activities.

Project Execution

In addition, our structured well thought-out delivery process, frees up your management time and resources that would otherwise be used to closely monitor an activity that may be foreign to them. EDI takes over the whole process from begining to end and provides your organization with a single point-of-contact responsible for all communications, exchanges, changes and tasks execution.

Bottom-Line and "Best Value"

In today's economy and regulatory compliance world, businesses are forever mindful of wasteful expenditures and are pressed to justify every single penny of expense. In other words, it's all about the "Bottom line" and "Best Value" for private businesses, state and federal government agencies. Eclipse Technology has over the years continually heavily invested in sophisticated,state-of-the art modern imaging technologies and equipment to maintain its competitive advantage and performs the work at a much, much lower costs and better quality than our customers can. It's all about the economy of scale.

Top notch Security and Confidentiality

Due to the nature of sensitive documents we handle for certain customers in both private businesses and state and Federal government agencies, all of our employees that deal with these documents are required to obtain top secret clearence and be bonded prior to their engagement.So our customers can rest assured that the security and confidentiality of their information is vigourously protected.Security remains paramount in our practice.

Customer Services

Our mark of honour and source of pride come from our willingness to bend to the customers needs and demands.We are extremly flexible with our customers, for there is no minimum or maximum load we could not handle.we pick up and deliver your work on time with commitment and high standards of quality.We allow our customers to monitor their job status, make inquiries and changes about their projects all from the comfort of their desktops and through our "customer web portal".


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