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Document Scanning and Delivery Process


Regradless of the cost, Eclipse Document Services can pick up, prepare, process, digitize, OCR, index, de-speckle, de-skew, rotate your images and convert your documents into your preferred digial file format, ie,
PDF, TIFF, MSWORD etc.. and output them on a medium of your choice at a much, much cheaper price than you can, simply because of the technology, expertise, experience we have accumulated over the years,as well as the scale of efficiency we have created. We operate under ISO 17799 and BS7799 guidelines. Click here or on any of the links below for a detailed explaination of our services and functions.

Off-Site Scanning   (At Our Imaging Center)
On Site Scanning   (At Your Location)
Documents And Records Types
Scanned Image Enhancements
Output Medium
Conversion Formats

Step 1: Record Pick Ups
Security starts at the point of pick up. Eclipse Document Services will pick up your documents on an agreed upon frequency ( Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, or Quartely ) and deliver them to our processing center for conversion and storage. Our drivers are courteous and well mannered and are equipped with digital barcode reading instruments for an accurate inventory of your documents. They will leave you with a certified copy of documents inventory. This way you will know the total number of your documents in our possession.
Step 2: Preparation and pre-Assessment
In this phase, we prepare,organize,audit,classify and perform quality control procedures before recommending any client-specific conversion and distribution methods.
Step 3: Imaging (Capture)Process
This where we create the digital image (scan) or automatically import the electronic files.
Step 4: Image OCR Process
This where we create the digital image (scan) or automatically import the electronic files.
Step 5: Indexing Process
Most of the labor occur in this phase, this is the most time-consumming phase of all. The more index fields required, the longer it takes. Indexing is the optional assignment of fields, such as document type, date, and customer name.
You can automatically index documents using barcodes, Zone OCR, or reading the fields from other computer applications.
Also, you can key the index fields, keying the data either during scanning, after scanning, or before scanning. We call indexing before scanning Distributed Data Entry.
Step 6: Quality Control Process
Our trained and experienced professionals develop and visually inspect
the processed digital images.and if necessary, rekey and hand correct the
areas missed by the ocr engine.(our OCR engine is 99.9% accurate)
Step 7: Output
We output the processed digital images to our customers' medium of choice (CD, DVD, RAID, COLD, Online) and bundle it with our free search engine software for serach and retrieval of stored information.
Step 8: Customer Acceptance Test
After dilligently working as hard as we can, we leave it to the customer to evaluate and accept or reject our work.(We have a 100% rate of acceptance on a first delivery)

CD Backups
Comapct Disks(CD) remain by far the most widely available digital storage medium. Due to its storage capacity (on average 12,000 images can be stored on a single 680 MB CD) and affordability, CDs are the prefered storage medium for most of our customers seeking to convert their paper records into searchable digital format. Our Free Search Engine and File Format Viewer are bundled with the digitized records so that our customers can search and retrieve and view their newly ditized records right from their desktops, laptops.
Online/WEB Retrieval
If you want secure, convenient, no-hassle, easy access to your documents round the clock and around the world, then leave it to us to digitize, index and store them on our secure servers accessible over the internet, or over your intranet 24/7. We store your documents online on our secure servers in accordance with your data redundancy, disaster recovery, and privacy policies backed with an unparalleled world-class customer service. We operate under ISO 17799 and BS7799 guidelines. No more carrying CDs or disks on a brief case or risk forgetting to pack them altogether. All you need to remember is your user id and password. Should you forget your passowrd, It'll be, at your request through our web site,instantly sent to the e-mail address you provided at registration.
Other Storage Media
Available on a per request basis. Click below to Call or Contact us for more information


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