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Education Sector: High Schools, Colleges, Universities

Problems We Solve:
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Many offices struggle with the physical storage demands brought on by the creation and maintenance of School records in analog (paper) form. To address those demands, offices frequently turn to imaging technology to alleviate space shortages, allow for more widespread sharing of information, and quicken retrieval of needed documents. Imaging (also referred to as scanning, digitizing, or digital imaging) involves converting text or graphics on a paper document into a computer readable form through a scanning device. The information provided on this page is intended to educate you about the records and information management considerations of imaging, and to elicit a careful analysis of not only the types of documents to digitize but also the costs and benefits associated with imaging.

Lost document,time-consuming document searches and retrievals. Records tempering, Physical Storage costs, Regulatory compliance. Whether your aim is to streamline your school operations and improve your staff productivity or just to serve your student community more effectively, paper filing systems pose significant business process challenges in the form of increased costs and lost productivity.

Eclipse Document Imaging approaches these paper-related issues from the records manager,and end-user perspectives.The result is a family of customizable solutions and services that addresses real-world educational records management issues that easily integrate with your current existing systems.

SnapSearch Document Imaging lets you scan, index, store, search and retrieve your students,financial aid, admission, registrar records with unparalleled ease. No more sifting through filing cabinets and drawers of paper to find what you are looking for. Then, if you need to email or print a document, it's just a click of your mouse.

Benefits Summary (Click here to learn about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) compliance solution)

  • Long-term document accessibility and preservation.

  • Simplified retention schedule management.

  • Protection from unauthorized access and alteration.

  • Rapid staff acceptance.

  • Intelligent, fast document search and retrieval.

  • Universal document access via standard Web browsers.

  • Scalable, network-friendly technical architecture.

  • Smooth integration with existing applications.

  • Solutions proven in over 5,000 organizations worldwide.

  • Complete implementation, integration and support services.

General Capabilities By Functional Area:


  • Create a more efficient workplace by reducing the need to enter data manually using recognition software. In this manner, data would be captured from a variety of Admissions documents such as applications, inquiry cards, immunization forms, transcripts to add data directly to the Student Database.

  • Provide for an integrated e-mail or other notification process so as to keep applicants informed at user-designated points.

  • Capability to define and use metrics in the application process as a management tool to surface problem areas for resolution (Workflow analysis). (Ref: Goldratt, Eliyahu M. - Theory of Constraints)

  • Automate information flow within admissions staff and between the Registrarsís Office and Financial Aid thereby improving productivity. Eliminate the need for the creation of any paper folders by creating a user-friendly electronic folder.

  • Provide for a user-friendly report writing capability on applicant and new student data. Export of data to Excel or other similar product if needed.

  • Single point access to all applicant and new student data.

  • Facilitate transcript evaluation to minimize data entry.

  • Ability to retrieve student records singly or in a group electronically through a variety of queries (Student ID, Major, Classification etc..)

  • Automate student notification process either by letter or e-mail for missing documents, fees, graduation applications and other similar requirements.

  • Seamless transmittal of documents from Admissions. Elimination of requirement to create paper student records folders.

  • Capability to scan legacy institutional academic transcript (paper form) into system with minimal data entry. The system is able to read the Student ID and create a basic Student record.

  • Capability through Report Writing module to create a complete student academic history from Banner data and electronically filed documents.

  • Facilitate transcript evaluation by minimizing data entry.

  • Streamline and simplify re-admission process for former students by integrating legacy manual system with DMIS.

  • Automated capability to relocate electronic documents from one office of responsibility to another.

  • Advanced user friendly report writing capability with formatting and graphics capability. Output can be downloaded to Windows based data management products such as Excel or Access.

Financial Aid
  • Simplify Satisfactory Academic Progress by advanced retrieval of electronic documents and Banner data on a single or group query.

  • Enhanced auditing in compliance with Federal and other programs requirements by assembling and outputting student information and electronic documents.

  • Capability for user to devise reports, templates and forms to streamline needs analysis and verification.

  • Workflow capability to streamline document and electronic files within office and other offices per user-defined rules.

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