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Form Processing

Form processing is our bread and butter. We've processed millions of forms(paper based and electronic) of various kinds (Insurance Claims, Medical forms, invoices, subscription forms, financial forms) using several high powered industry-specific form processing packages. Although our main and most used forms processing engine is Ceresoft because of its ability to uniquely handle form based on the industry type and its high rate of accuracy and highly sophisticated algorithm. High accurate OCR(Optical Character Recognition also known as automatic machine print) or ICR (Isolated Character Recognition also known as handprint recognition) depends very much on the quality of the image being rendered. Accuracy is very proportional to document image quality. If a a document exhibits many broken character images, It will greatly, negatively affect the processing accuracy of the form's recognition and transformation, therefore reducing the chance of finding the right data from the form. This is where our technical comes in. With a combined 50 man years of experience processing forms, Our technicians will help you sidestep these issues and give you the highest possible image quality from the documents we scan and therefore the most effective and efficient form processing.

Data Field Objects

Business forms have so many unique characteristics and allow a great deal of flexibility that make it very difficult to standardize the content (not the form itself). So a great deal of understanding is sometimes required of the variations of form content. For example, a date field may be written in so many different ways. For example, a date field of "June 27, 2000" could be a valid substitute for any of the following date formats: 6/27/00, 06-27-00, 6-27-00, 6-27-2000, 6.27.00, Jun.27, 2000 and so on. An intelligent form processing engine should allow this kind of flexibility.

Healthcare Solutions and Services:

Our healthcare services and solutions have helped several healthcare insurance companies, hospitals and medical groups to:

.Reduce cost of healthcare remittance and medical claims processing.
.Replace manual data entry.
.Increase data accuracy (by a considerable factor)
.Reduce clerk error.
.Increase bottom line through staff reduction and overtime elimination.

Eclipse Technology's automated capture of patient information,data from both paper and electronic forms helps eliminate the erroneous, tedious and costly process of manual entry, speed up processing time and save 100,000's of dollars to healthcare comapnies(Hospitals, insurances and medical groups). We used the following Ceresoft Applications to process 100,000's of healthcare related forms every month for our clients:

Ceresoft EOBAgent:

We used EOBAgent from ceresoft to read and process several thousands of critical patient data from Explanation of Benefit(EOB) forms and Remittance advises processing every month for our healthcare clients.

Ceresoft HealthAgent:

We process 100,000's of medical claims every month for our clients using HealthAgent from Ceresoft. HealthAgent allows us to automatically capture data HCFA 1500 and UB92 forms and their attachments.

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