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Health Care

Problems We Solve
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Lost document,time-consuming document searches and retrievals.Records tempering. Physical Storage costs.Regulatory compliance. Whether your aim is to streamline your operations and improve your bottom line or just to serve your healthcare customers more effectively, paper filing systems pose significant business process challenges in the form of increased costs and lost productivity.

Eclipse Document Imaging approaches these paper-related issues from the records manager,and end-user perspectives.The result is a family of solutions that addresses real-world records management issues that easily integrate with current existing systems.

SnapSearch Inc/Medical Document Scanning lets you scan and search your EOB's, patient charts, encounter forms, and related documents. No more sifting through filing cabinets and drawers of paper to find what you are looking for. Then, if you need to email or print a document, it's just a click of your mouse.

Benefits Summary (Click here to learn about our HIPAA compliance solution)

  • Long-term document accessibility and preservation
  • Simplified retention schedule management
  • Protection from unauthorized access and alteration
  • Rapid staff acceptance
  • Intelligent, fast document search and retrieval
  • Universal document access via standard Web browsers
  • Scalable, network-friendly technical architecture
  • Smooth integration with existing applications
  • Solutions proven in over 5,000 organizations worldwide
  • Complete implementation, integration and support services

Healthcare Forms processing Solutions and Services:

Our healthcare forms processing services and solutions have helped several healthcare insurance companies, hospitals and medical groups to:

  • Reduce cost of healthcare remittance and medical claims processing.
  • Replace manual data entry.
  • Increase data accuracy.
  • Reduce clerk error.
  • Increase bottom line through staff reduction and overtime elimination.

Eclipse Document Imaging's automated capture of patient information,data from both paper and electronic forms helps eliminate the erroneous, tedious and costly process of manual entry, speed up processing time and save 100,000's of dollars to healthcare comapnies(Hospitals, insurances and medical groups). We used the following Ceresoft Applications to process 100,000's of healthcare related forms every month for our clients:

Ceresoft EOBAgent:

We used EOBAgent from ceresoft to read and process several thousands of critical patient data from Explanation of Benefit(EOB) forms and Remittance advises processing every month for our healthcare clients.

Ceresoft HealthAgent:

We process 100,000's of medical claims every month for our clients using HealthAgent from Ceresoft. HealthAgent allows us to automatically capture data HCFA 1500 and UB92 forms and their attachments.

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