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Document Imaging Services

If you are ever looking to digitize you back file records, Eclipse Technology can assist you in the planning and execution of such a project. In the event that your firm has already implemented a Document Imaging System, our Scanning Services technical team can work together with your system vendor to scan, codify, index your back files and all of your day-forwards and upload them on your current system. Our scanning services are available both on and off-site. We also provide several output media options. Your end product can be output to CD, DVD, COLD or simply made available Online in a secured internet or intranet system.

We understand that some companies have very sensitive information currently recorded on paper and cannot afford to have an off-site conversion of their records, for those situations, we provide an experienced staff that can complete the entire scanning and conversion onsite at your place with the utmost secrecy and professionalism. All of our employees dealing with these records are bonded and have a top secret clearance. We have worked with many federal government agencies that actually require this. Below are the links to some very insightful information. CLick on a link to learn more.

Off-Site Scanning   (At Our Imaging Center)
On Site Scanning   (At Your Location)
Documents And Records Types
Scanned Image Enhancements
Output Medium
Conversion Formats

Digital Imaging Products

Digital Imaging Services

(8.5 x 11 A4)" AND (11 X 17 A3)"
Document Scanners(SIMPLEX) LARGE FORMAT DOCUMENT SCANNING (17 X 22 A2) (22 X 34 A1) (34 X 44 A0)
High Speed Scanners forms processing
Large Format Scanners Aperture card scanning
Sheetfed Scanners Microfilm Scanning
Flatbed Scanners Cad Conversions

Document Scanning Software

Eclipse Technology Document Imaging Services leverage the features of its powerful and widely deployed flagship product known as SnapSearch to handle all of your document imaging and records management needs. We install the software (Imaging Client, Database Server and Search Engine), upload the data and files, perform the conversions and then train your staff to come up to speed on how to efficiently use the system. Your staff will be up and scanning files in no time at all.

Our imaging service software provides high speed scanning, OCR, indexing, internet searching and routing. It also provides coding of metadata(including date, Name, document type, author etc..) SnapSearch imaging provides the ability to backup mission critical paper and electronic documents and records on a digital medium, such as CD, DVD, Online and COLD output and searchable by its powerful and distributed search engine. Paper records are pretty much at the mercy of mother nature. They can be easily compromised by events beyond our control. This is why SnapSearch document imaging includes several features that guard against any loss of data in the event of any disaster. Digital backup solutions offer several pluses over paper records, including but not limited to:

.Elimination of Physical Storage Overhead.
.Clerk filling error suppression.
.Eliminates time-consumming retrievals.
.Eliminates misfilling errors,No more lost documents.
.Easy access to records round the clock and around the world.
.Security is paramount.

Other Benefits Include:

High-speed scanning using multiple scanners simultaneously.
High-speed OCR with multiple PC's OCR'ing simultaneously, in parallel. Your can easily configure different workflows and scanning options for different clients. One client may want TIFF images, another PDF, another OCR and TIFF images, another to have index fields assigned to documents, etc.Each of your capture operators can be assigned a personal list of clients and databases, and choose from this list before scanning or indexing.

Distributed workflow allows scanning to be done in one location, and indexing to be done in another location. Or, you key in index fields while scanning.You can have multiple indexing clerks simultaneously adding metadata fields (e.g.,document type,date,customer number) to documents for a given client.

When assigning metadata (index) fields to newly scanned documents, the data-entry lookup function allows you to enter, for instance, a customer number and use the Lookup button to fill in name and address, and other information.

The Lookup function searches the SnapSearch database, and uses the latest record found. Password security insures only authorized personnel make changes to capture options.No per-page scanning fees. You keep your hard-earned revenue.You can distribute a royalty-free copy of the search engine to your clients.



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