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Technology-Enhanced Litigation Services

"Successful Courtroom trial backed by Quality High Tech Litigation Support Services"


"Information networks straddle the world. Nothing remains concealed. But the sheer volume of information dissolves the information.We are unable to take it all in."- Gunther Grass


Eclipse Litigation Support Services department has rapidly become one of the premiere full-service litigation support providers in the Southern Eastern region of the United States. If your career success depends on winning litigation, you need to know about our "Litigation Support Services". We provide law firms and corporate legal departments throughout the South East (services soon to be available across the country) with the "best quality, best value" litigation support by putting all documents, notes, evidence, discoveries(see our E-discovery practice) at their fingertips wherever they happen to be litigating from: in the office, in the courtroom, at home or on the road.

We accomplish this through a combination of best of breed software applications, high tech tools and labs, legal process-driven methodologies and the most talented, expereienced and brightest professionals in the litigation support industry (Counsels, Para-Legals, Technical Analysts, Programmers, Imaging Technicians, and Project Managers) who work hand in hand to provide your case (big or small) with the utmost professional high tech support. "Right to a Speedy Trial backed by Quality High Tech Litigation Support Services" is our department's moto.

We have a comprehensive array of resources that allow us to take on any project (big or small) on any deadline and complete the job in-house as opposed to outsourcing it to a third party. Eclipse Litigation Support Services division handles such services as: E-Discovery ,Forensic Data, Digital Imaging, Coding, Indexing, OCR, Image De-speckling, Image De-skewing, Image Rotation, Mass-Production Printing, Photocopying, Trial Exhibits Boards, Blowbacks, Color Copying, Binding and much more We also provide you with a secure Web-based Document and Records Hosting for easy access around the clock and around the world (Hosting Services). In addition to hosting your legal documents, we also partner with X to provide your firm with a web-based software that facilitates total collaboration on case documents and discoveries via the web.On-line reviews, searching and witnesse expert preparation can all be facilitated via the system.

And through our customer portal you can order all of your high volume printing jobs and document management production 24/h a day. Document productions, numbering, custom image endorsements can all be facilitated via the system and delivered on hardcopy or electronically. We are building a high capacity coding facility based in Dalton, GA to handle all of our coding services. The high tech imaging facility will accommodate up to 300 document coders enough to handle multiple client projects simmultaneously and provide law firms and corporate legal departments across the country with the opportunity to turn to us with their projects costly or economically unfeasable to accomplish in-house. We can get these done and delivered faster, more professionally and at a fraction of what it would cost the client to do it in-house.Our comprehensive services and support allow you to focus on what you do best: Win Litigation Hand Over Fist!

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