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Our document imaging services for micrographics are the best in the industry.Our dedicated micrographics staff use our state-of-the art processing lab to evaluate,search for defects and make recommendations to enhance the films before scanning them. Our Micrographic department have handled hundreds of thounsands of microfilm images over the years. We provide low cost, high quality film scanning.


Despite all the technological advances in information storage, microfilm still remains the most widely used form of information repository.Most corporate and govrnment agencies valuable information is still recorded on microfilm. while the medium has long sevrved its purpose, its time has come and gone. Today's technological advances allows companies and government entities to have more control over and ready instant access to their informaion. Yet many of these entities are not seizing the full potential of the current technologyand are still either drawning in papers or limiting themselves to when they can access their valuable information

ECLIPSE TECHNOLOGY uses high speed microfilm scanners to digitize and convert information on film through the use of a combination of sophisticated Hardware( High Speed Scanners) and Software. We have and continue to process thousands of microfilm rolls without sacrificing quality. We enjoy the industry highest customer satisfaction rating. Our acceptance ratio is over 99%.Most of the problems we encounter stem from the microfilm roll frame itself which causes a bad scan and not from the scanners themselves.
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Our fiche formats are pre-evaluated, pre-scanned to pinpoint the precise location of images prior to microfiche scanning. They are simmultaneously scanned, rotated, deskewed and despeckled.


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