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Records Archiving & Management (RAM)


Eclipse Technology is the undisputed leader in Records Storage and Retrieval.Our RAM solutions powered by our flagship product SnapSearch,provides several benefits by enabling more cost-effective ways of doing business by eliminating misfiling,replacing traditional time-consumming document retrival methods,saving our customers money on photocopying, paper document ditribution and physical storage costs.

With the proper authorization,all stored documents can be easily accessed 24 hours a day from anywhere with access to an internet connected computer.With Eclipse RAM,document storage and retrival is a snap (Hence SnapSerach)Documents are simmultaneously accessible by multiple authorized people.

To help with regulatory compliance,accurate audit trails are kept therefore placing accountability where it should be. While documents can be simmultaneously viewed by several authorized users, only one authorized user at a time can edit a document.This is called version control.

Our RAM solutions have helped many businesses streamline
their documents distribution and improve accountability with automated "inbasket" workflow routing and notification.

For companies that wish to deploy our solutions in-house,they can be confident in knowing that our solution could be rapidly deployed, easily seamlessly integrated with existing systems and scaled as their needs grow.


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